Shooting Dis Bish Got Moola in L.A.

  Vanatei   Jun 09, 2011   News   Comments Off on Shooting Dis Bish Got Moola in L.A.

My trip to L.A. was amazing! I got to meet several creatives like me and got to share ideas. Spent time smoking the illest cush out there… mmm beautiful. I was out there just being creative and even made my dresses for the music video. Daniel Anthony is the Directer for my single Dis Bish Got Moola. The DP for the shoot is Isaac Bauman. He is amazing and does his thing on the mothafukin camera!

One of the locations of the scene was at the Mansion of Big Daddy The Kustomizer. His home was also featured on the Discovery channel for the episode where he shows his car and crib. The Kustomizer also plays the role as the godfather in the video where I get the money from as a loan. His name is Vinnie in the video!! Sooo Italian hhaaha!! Can’t wait for more scenes to shoot. We gotta go back in July to get the rest of the shots like with a lowrider with hydraulics. SHit will look hot!

I also had a great eating experience. I had real Mexican food!! Mhh yum

I’ll keep ya updated!!



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